Our purpose


After years of heartfelt involvement in the tabletop scene, we felt there was something missing in the vast realm of tabletop culture. So, we created a space where we could open discussions about board games in a more academic light.

Whether it be analysing how mechanics affect player behaviours, comparing the aesthetics or moral standpoint of certain games, or simply gushing about how our favourite games capture players imaginations, we endeavour to provide useful titbits for your own game design exploits.

So kick back and have a browse, maybe you'll learn something, maybe you'll be able to enlighten us. Either way, don't be afraid to get involved in discussions.

Lets talk Tabletop.


Harry Rose


The Very Definition

of Chaotic Good

When he isn't dreaming up his next TRPG character he's most likely creating new ways to slip Game Theory into casual conversation.


Game Master with a

Masters in Games


Has an almost crippling obsession

with worldbuilding,

improv. narrative

and all things RPG 


Jake Montanarini


Writer, designer, teacher and player of all things

Huge love of games and playing, definitely a Game Boy... Not the original but the cool one with the two screens and mad light! 


Behold, our faces

take a chance
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Katie Wickens